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Welcome to your independent website for the people of Croydon to use as their one site for all things green in the borough. We want our naturally green town to be green in every sense and this site is here to encourage all residents to get involved in making it so and maintaining it so.(August 2010).

In May 2013, Green Croydon became a business as a social enterprise with intentions to work on environmental projects in the borough. The business aspect is necessary to raise finance by grants or awards and also to develop income streams to go towards events such as the Croydon Green fair in June each year.

You are not looking at a finished product here as a great many of the pages on this site will be a developing situation as we need you, fellow residents, to provide information, suggestions, feedback or topics you think we could include. So please feel free to contact us on the email provided and we will try to incorporate your information on to the site: Interesting topics can also be aired on the Green Croydon show on Croydon Radio which goes out once a month on Mondays 1800-1900. Croydon Radio is an internet based station so you will need to listen over the 'net.

We don't claim to cover all aspects of the 'green' movement or have all the answers but as best we can we will guide residents to relevant sites to intentionally raise the awareness of us all to what we can do to bring about environmental improvements.

As London's largest borough by population, 345,600 residents (2010) and rising to an estimated 380,000 by 2031, it is important that we try to be and gently encourage others to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Not everyone feels a sense of responsibility for such matters and we do not want to be preachy to people who do not care or lack awareness, but if as many of us as possible get involved and do as much as we can then we can make up for their lack of effort and make Croydon a clean and pleasant place to live in,work in and visit, for now and for future generations.

As previously mentioned, with such a large population producing so much waste (140,000 tonnes.Defra 2006/07) and using so many resources daily we can make a difference to the environment in simple day to day tasks such as how we deal with our rubbish, our energy, water use and transport choices. One of the things that we like is that everyone can get involved, it doesn't matter who you are, there are no reasons for exclusions. Also, we make no apology for being enthusiastic and passionate about preserving and improving the environmental quality of the place that we live in and call home and the wider world.

Many people can be put off being green if the advice is coming from their local authority or central government as it often feels like a command and can cause a negative reaction. This way, if your family or friends are the ones setting a good example it can be more encouraging and it can even become competitive amongst people to see who is being the greenest!

You need to bear in mind that there are no rewards for being green - no medals handed out, very few pats on the back; but, everyone we are sure will feel personal satisfaction for doing their best for the local environment and reducing our collective impact on the global environment.

It is really up to us to make a difference and it is best to not to delay in starting. Jump straight in and follow this site to find ways to make (small) changes which when multiplied by thousands of residents doing the same add to the bigger picture and bigger results.

So go on.........what are you waiting for?


Green Croydon was delighted recently to hear from a visitor who is a songwriter and has written a song about the town that has an 'eco' theme.We have permission and the privilege to have the song and lyrics here for you with the kind permission of Andrew Robertson:

On June 30th Green Croydon did a 'try out' session and presented a radio show on the new Croydon Radio station. It was a great experience and Andrew's song featured on the playlist.

Capital Living a Country Life'


The show was broadcast from Matthews Yard a new start up business that offers a co-working space for members and a dining area for delicious coffees and snacks. Here's a copy of the article about the build of Matthews Yard kindly provided by owner Saif Bonar. Click here.




We think Croydon is green because:(click a link below)


Croydon Real Nappy Network
Croydon Friends of the Earth
Croydon Fair Trade Network
Croydon Transition Town
Croydon RSPB
Croydon Beekeepers
Croydon Ecology Centre
Croydon Green Party







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